Xerxis vs Thargosh, 500pts assassination

Friendly game versus my local friendly legion player, Xerxis to play with some of my rarely used minies.
He had: Thargosh, Carni, Seraph, 2x Shredder, Warmongers (4), 2 Shepherds, Gobbers and a Chieftain.
I had: Xerxis, Cannoneer, 5 Arcuarii, 6 Cetrati, 2 Guardians and 6 Swordsmen
Killing some warmongers and the Chief on my feat charge with the Cetrati.
For him, relativily easy killing a lot of my medium based infantry.
Thargosh getting damaged by a warmonger with a beserk attack.

He left all his beasts full of fury, and the guardian could kill thargosh .
Lessons learned:
Deathshroud is a strong signature spell.
Cataphracts are less though without Makeda.

His army

My army

Half way the battle

The end


Morghoul vs Kromac, 500pts Assassination

500 points friendly against my regular Circle enemy and one of my old-time friends. I have played Makeda vs Kaya against him a dozen of times. But now for something completely different...
He had: Kromac, Warpwolf Alpha, Gorax, Ravagers (4) + Shaman, Whitemane, 2 Sentry stones and 2 Shifting stones
I had: Morghoul, 2 Krea's, 2 Drakes, 2 Savages and full unit of Paingivers
Controlling the Warpwolf one turn by putting everything from a Drake and Krea on it.
Killing a Ravager ad the Shaman with a blast from a Drake with Prescience
The paingivers doing 2 enrages and killing some stumpies on turn and doing two heals and killing two stumpies the next.
For him, damaging most warbeasts bady and killing some, a lot would have died the next turn.
He left Kromac to close to a Krea and Drake. Spray, Abuse, Paralatic Field and two attacks later mr Kromac was death
Lessons learned:
Morghoul can be powerful... if you meet the right enemy.
Morghoul, Drake, Krea and Savage play well together.
Circle ready to do battle

Be scared I have frogs!

About half way

Psycho frog eats ugly beastman!


On my workbench

Since I have not posted for a while because I dont get to play that much because I am tiered and easily annoyed because of this medical condition, here tada: on my workbench.

The box of Karax I bought cheap(ish), thanks to the new gameshop in Rotterdam!

The catapult I got for my birthday (thanks guys!), the guardian I won in the tourney 2 months ago (and finaly got in last Friday and reposed today) and the epic Morghoul I won for best painted, on a new "epic" base.

The soultokens I also got for best painted.


All my painted Skorne stuff

To celebrate finishing 4 models, some pictures of all I have. All that remains to painted is epic morghoul, catapult and soul tokens.

Newly painted Zaal with blury in the back the newly painted Midwinter

Xerxis and Hexeris

Makeda and Morghoul

Note the newly painted Midwinter

In the back newly painted Drake and Cycopse



Makeda vs Madrak, 500pts assassination

I enjoyed this game more then a lot of people think, I was only annoyed by the dice down because I wanted to finish this off.
He had:
Mardrak, Dire Troll, Axer, Impaler, Champions, full Kreilstone, Storyteller and Smoke Gobbers
I had: Makeda, Krea, Drake, Guardian, full Cetrati, full Ferox, min Paingivers, Smokers.
Both armies were so though we getting nowhere.
For me finishing of his mauler and a lot of other stuff.
For him finishing of the kitties.
Dice down.
Lessons learned:
Stay cool.
I would have been better of flanking this brick and attacking it from a lot off different sides.
His army


Dice down!


Ducosim XV

Last weekend me and three friends went to the Ducosim XC tournament. We had a great time. It was 4 rounds of Steamroller assassination madness. Of the 18 players I ended up 4th, only one VP below one of the friends for the best Hordes, but I got the best painted. It was the best result for our little group ever: second, third, fourth, thirteenth, best hordes and best painted. Sorcha won the tourny. Below are my four battles.

Ducosim XV. Makeda vs Reznik 500pts, assassination

Last Ducosim XV game. Against Reznik, I have been told, the winner of the last Duco.
He had: Reznik, Devout, Blessing of Vengeance, Redeemer, Choir, Warjack solo, Warcaster attachment, Full Idrians with UA
I had: Makeda, Krea, Drake, Guardian, full Cetrati, full Ferox, min Paingivers, Smokers.
The Ferox finishing off the Idrians, losing two from the counter charge, but scaring of the last 3. Two Ferox got killed, but I got them back from my feat.
Killing two warjacks in a Cetrati Charge.
Failing the Krea assassination, leaving Reznik with one wound.
For him, getting another turn with one wound to finnish of both the Krea and the Drake.
Makeda killing of Reznik with her damage spell (talking about style)
Lessons learned:
Could have done that assassination better if I had activated in the right order and stayed clear in my head. But I had been playing the entire day.
Pictures:His army deployed

Blessing vs Ferox



Ducosim XV. Makeda vs Goreshade 500pts, assassination

Third Ducosim XV game. Against Goreshade, the Bastard
He had: Goreshade, Nightmare, 2 chickens, full Bilethralls, full Bane Knights, Tartarus and Gorman.
I had: Makeda, Krea, Drake, Guardian, full Cetrati, full Ferox, min Paingivers, Smokers.
The Ferox finishing off his Bile thralls.
Cetrati and Guardian holding off the Knights.
Krea doing her thing, getting Goreshade at a few hits.
One of the Ferox finishing him off.
Lessons learned:
You can not shoot Goreshade when he has his spell up.
His army on the horizon

After the bile thralls get slaughtered

Eat spear!

Ducosim XV. Makeda vs The Butcher 500pts, assassination

Second Ducosim XV game. Against the Butcher
He had: Butcher, 7 Pikemen + UA, Full Demo corps, Windowmakers, 2 Mortars, Eiryss, Alexia and maybe some other stuff.
I had: Makeda, Krea, Drake, Guardian, full Cetrati, full Ferox, min Paingivers, Smokers.
The Cetrati charging in, killing a lot of the Man-o-Wars.
The Ferox failing to their thing, unlucky dice rolls though warlock.
Makeda charging in the finnish the Butcher.
It ended in a dice down, at the moment I would throw my charge attack Dice.
Lessons learned:
You can also use your feat to soon...
Me being lined up.

Stuck in fighting.

Throw charge attack and dice down.

Ducosim XV. Makeda vs Severius 500pts, assassination

First Ducosim XV game. Against a nice guy playing a fully painted Severius army
He had: Severius, Blessing of Vengeance, 2 Redeemers, Choir, Rhupert, full Zealots with Monolith bearer and 3 wracks
I had: Makeda, Krea, Drake, Guardian, full Cetrati, full Ferox, min Paingivers, Smokers.
It was a fun, evenly matched game with two fully painted armies.
Killing named jacks is fun.
It ended in a dice down. I think he had one more Vp then I had.
Lessons learned:
Menoth will always be a though fight.
I lost monumentum because my Ferox got to deep in and I used my feat to soon.
His army, after deployment


Dice down