What I have been painting lately

Some parts of the pictures are a little bit dark, but better then no pictures


Zaal and Friends

Zaal vs Grissel 500pts, assassination

Friendly game with our local nice Trollblood guy.
He had: Grissel, Mauler, two Axers, Champions, full Stone unit and a fell caller
I had: Zaal, Krea, Drake, Cyclopse, 6 karax, full swordsmen with UA, two Guardians.
For my first time ever, the Kovaas popped up. (but sadly did not activate because Grissel died before it could.
Two loaded guardians killing all the champion in one turn (with the help of Zaal's feat)
Grissel got stuck in between a lot of Skorne and got biten to death by a Krea (while the Drake was already death, that's a first ;))
Lessons learned:
Zaal sucks in combat, he is one of the few warcasters which can not handle a damaged light beast in one turn.
I am really starting to like Zaal, he is one of the swiss army knife casters and his feat turn can be lethal.
I like how I wrapped the 12 swordmen unit around his army and then came in from behind.
Surrounding the enemy


Munch munch munch


Hexeris vs Kaya, 500pts assassination

Last week I played against my regular circle opponent and now I finaly have the time to post this.
He had: Kaya, Warpwolf, Gorax, Argus, druids with UA, his full complement of stones, gobbers
I had: Hexeris, Gladiator, Cyclopse, 6 Karax, 5 Arcuari, min paingivers and the catapult.
Deathbringering the argus and killing a lot of stuff. Also put the must make treshhold spell on the Argus that turn (which it sadly did not fail).
I over extended myself and got Kaya assassinated
Lessons learned:
Do not overextend yourself (and now write it down 100 times ;))
The Circle ready to fight!

Hexeris getting the crap beaten out of him.


Found this when looking for bbq

This weekend I went searching for a BBQ, did not find the one I was looking for, but I found something else in the aquarium part of a garden center. It is about 30cm long.


Last tuesday we played mk2

I borrowed some cygnar of a friend and played against his menoth. Siege vs Reznik, first battle I got Reznik to one hp left and then Siege died, second battle he got Reznik to one hp left and then Siege died. It was 15 pts only jacks, but still great fun. And yes, mk2 is still warmachine, I even think not very much changed, some rules, some sucky models got better, some cheezy models got less cheezy. So overall it still has the same feeling and I still like it. I cannot wait to see what mk2 will do to my little skornes.