Played a game versus Reznik last week with Epic Morgs

But my opponent beat me to getting the report on the net: http://fierycrusader.blogspot.com/2009/09/reznik-vs-emorghoul.html

At least he beat on something! Reznik got eaten by my kitties.


Tournament Report Ducosim XVII (pictures heavy)

Last Saturday me and a buddy went to the local steamroller. 16 people showed up for 4 rounds of caster kills. I took two lists, one with Morghoul and one with Zaal. The Morghoul list was made to fight against Hordes, Zaal for fighting Warmachine.

My Morghoul army; Front row: Void spirit, Canonneer, Snapjaw, Agonizer, Wrong eye, Smoke Gobbers, Brine, Rorsh and Orin Midwinter. Back row: Soulwarden and Morghoul. (click on the picture to get a bigger version)

My Zaal list; Front to back: Full unit of Ferox, Void spirit, Ancestral Guardian, min Karax, min Immortals, Zaal, Soulwarden and Canonneer. (click on the picture to get a bigger version)

My first battle I ended against one of the stronger players with his Circle of Orgoreos (Goreish Circle) with his Krueger list.

In short, his list was brutal (and a classic), he played brutal and he brutalized Morghoul. Well done! This nice chap ended up 3th of the tournament and also got the he most VPs award.

The next battle was against a nice guy who brought. Amon, 4 jacks and some solo's.

We closed in, danced around a little bit, he feated, destroyed most of my infantry with his sandstorms and Jacks. The turn after I feated, had a lot of counters and the remaining solo's and cavalry charged in and slaughtered everything except Amon and half his choir. The turns after my army mobbed up the rest and killed Amon.

Next battle was against a person I already know a little better Ahknas. He played his Caine list against my Zaal list. I did get a resonanced charge in on his knights, but mostly he just shot the hell out of me. Another of my better points was shooting a ghostsighted cannonball through a rock and into Aiyana and Holt. The game ended with Zaal death and him not having more then Caine and a few solo's.

My last battle was versus Legion, was getting tired, so forgot to take pictures.
He had Vayl, two Carnies, Seraph and full Knights. He was basically kicking my ass, killing most of my stuff, but luckily I managed to pull of the enraged-pigheaded-diversiontactics-Brine trick and killed Vayl because his Carnies could not be transferred to because of Morgs feat.

So I ended with two wins, two loses and a lot of VPs which put me at the 6th or 7th place, but best of all, I won the best painted award (hurray for me!) Close-ups will follow later, but here is a picture of my tray (click for a bigger picture):


Happy birthday to me, happy birthday to me!

I had my 30th birthday yesterday (yes, now I will get old and ugly). And got some Skorne as gift from my gaming pals:
* Epic Makeda (they are going to regret giving this)
* Tormentor (they are also going to regret this)
* Bloodrunners (they are really going to regret this!)
Thanks guys!


Trying the lessers again: Morghoul vs Mardrak, 500pts Assassination

Played against our friendly (and lucky) local Trollbood player again in a battlebox caster battle.
He had: Mardrak, Mauler, Champions, min Longriders, Full Krielstone with UA, Fellcaller and Alten Ashley
I had: Morghoul, Cannoneer, Void Spirit, Soulward, Midwinter, Agonizer, Smoke gobbers, Rorsh&Brine and Wrong Eye&Snapjaw
Two champions charging through my lines and getting morgs to 5 hps (auch!)
Alten not hitting anything because Snapjaw was submerged, Brine behind a wall or in combat and the Cannoneer behind smoke.
In the turn he tought everything was over, he made two tough rolls (bummer). Mardrak killed the Cannoneer which tried to kill him and in my next control the frenzied Brine kills Morghoul in his back (auch).
Lessons learned:
I really have to study the Agonizer, I feel his power, but it hard to use the right one at the right moment.
Do not forget your feat.
Torment always misses when you need it.
Block your warlock
Orin can not handle 3 longriders by himself.
Trolls for peace!

See, see, I did some painting

It's hip to be square

Sadly no end of the game picture this report