Slacking, yes I have been slacking

I don't know why (maybe it's mkII coming?), but have been slacking with the battle reports the last few weeks. So now is time to catch up.

The first game was a 750 against epic Magnus I played with my epic Morghoul list, with which I have been playing for weeks now to get ready for the Masters of the Belenux. We ran out of time, but I had killed a lot more then he had and I had not used my feat and everything was lined up for the assassination my next turn. So a solid win for me. Man, I like bloodrunners. (I forgot my drake & krea, so I had to proxy them with khador stuff)

The second game was a 350 lunch break game at the office against my co-worker Deacis. He had Lilith, I had Makeda. He screwed up his charges, but I over extended, used to much fury and got killed the turn after slaying two of his beasts.

Then I played against epic Kaya with a "fluffy" list with my 750 epic Morghoul list. I misjudged the charge range to Kaya, so screwed up my feat assassination turn, but I still managed to kill all his beasts. Morghoul got killed the turn after, because I had already given away to much in the rounds before.

Last tuesday I played my 500pts Masters of the Benelux Makeda list against a Borka-toss brick style list. My pincer was working nicely and he got frustrated and threw Borka behind my lines just for fun. Borka got killed by Makeda after being chewed on by a Krea.


The revenge of catzilla

Today I came home from work and the cat was nowhere, no problem, because he likes to hang out in his own room when no one is home. But after a few hours of no cat I was getting worried. He is my little buddy, so I went up to look for him, but he was not is his room. When I left the room I heard a little meow form the attic, my wargaming attic! So I sprinted up, released him from his prison and assessed the damage. He walked along my mini's standing around a little, tip over a lot of them, but one broke the back banner and threw one of my arcuari of the cabinet it was standing on, it landed on the floor 90cm below in 7 parts!

(click for a bigger version)

All kinds of memories came back, like when I got the arcuari they were the only Skorne infantry released (maybe the preats were also released, not sure). How much of a pain they were to put the flags on and paint, how much I liked them with Hexeris and deathmarch and how quickly I docked them when I got my unit of cetrati. I really hope they get a little cheaper in mkII.

And yes, the cat came out unharmed, slightly upset, he didnt even make a mess somewhere. He tends to get himself into trouble all the time. He got in yesterday like 20 times while I was doing my adminstration, which I also keep in that room, on the floor and walked over it all night. He left only 19 times. And now he is purring on my lap (and laptop) while I am trying to post this.


Ranting about more gold lines. And Wrong Eye & Snapjaw painted!

I have painted on my Skorne stuff for the first time in 3 weeks, after finishing Rorsh&Brine and WrongEye&Snappy. And I have to admit, I hate my colour scheme, not how it looks, but way it has to be painted. Arg! The boltgun metal is ok, just boring. But the gold edges and black-lining them is not painting but just paining. Am I glad I am getting close to getting Skorne complete so I can think about another faction or doing some more minions (and with washes this time).

Just had to blow of some steam. For the people who got all this way, a little reward ;). A picture of my painted Wrong Eye & Snapjaw.

Painted: Rorsh & Brine

Just picture to show off my recently painted Rorsh & Brine.

I also played a 750 points game to my Trollblood friend. Epic Morgs kicked Epic Mardraks ass after most of his infantry was death, but I did not make any pictures and don't feel like making a report without any