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I have just been added to the new blog syndication site brought to us by the great people of the Iron Agenda Podcast (blog.ironagenda.com). (If you have never heard off this show, shame on you! (www.ironagenda.com)) Thanks guys!

As you probably have guessed my main and only Faction is the mighty Skorne. I have been playing these bastards ever since the Arcuarii came out (which I fielded rarely since the Cetrati came out) and have most of prime and evolution painted. Slowly moving into the new cheese fields of Metamorphosis. I have been keeping this blog since the start of the year and managed to give all my battle at least a short battle rep. I am also keeping a W/D/L on my blog, which is kind of higher then I would expect, but that is mostly because my friends are nicer then me.

In the future I will try to keep up with my short battle reps, which I mostly make for myself, to keep track of what I did and what I fielded (and what I FU-ed). It might also get me motivated to finally do some more in depth articles about models I think I do understand and more painting stuff. But at the moment I am also trying to spend time with my sweet girl and trying to get outside as often as possible. Also I am recovering from this stupid condition I had at the end of the last year and my pet project, the MK2 army builder www.forwardkommander.com, is also eating some of my spare time.

A long post, but I just wanted to say hi to everybody ;).


Hexeris vs Baldur, 500pts assassination

Went to the LGS today to play against one of my regular opponents, sadly the store closed an hour earlier then we thought. Still had fun, although the game still was very undecided.
He had: Baldur, 2 Woldwardens, Woldwierd, Druids with UA and Gundrun
I had: Hexeris, Gladiator, Cannoneer, Full Swordsmen with UA, Agonizer, Catapult and Midwinter.
Midwinter keeping him from spellstriking and keeping baldur away.
Undecided, ran out of time, because we had an hour less then we thought.
Lessons learned:
I do kind of like my the badass-ness of Hexeris.
Diminish combined with Gnawing Pain is just evil.
Still nothing from the pult, maybe it just hates me.
Titans are though! Roar ;). Elephant family power!
His almost fully painted army ready to battle.
My full painted army ready ro tock!

Enemy at the horizon!