A review of the MK2 Warlocks Skorne (part 1, primal casters)

Ok, I did not post for a while, but that was because of mk1 burn-out. Now we have the fieldtest, I just want to share my insights.

The feat is a nice change, not spending focus in his control will make it possible to do a two turn assassination run, in combination with the brute's animus (no knockdown) he should be able to live through a turn in the front with his high defence. One fury when at a little cost, can be useful. Perfect Balance and Anatomical Precision stayed, the new striking back when missed is good. His weapons are still the same, hard to pull an assassination off against a full health warlock/warcaster, but at least always some damage. He still likes the Savage for the animus to help with combat.
From his tree spells he lost Unrelenting and gained Admonition, the new one might seem worse, but using it before getting damage might be a plus. Torment got a little tweaked, now it is all healing not only regeneration and it cannot transfer for a round instead of only the Torment damage, two improvements. Abuse stayed unchanged, which is a good thing.
He also has a lot of beast points, which is good.

She did not change very much. Models get killed under her feat do not provide souls anymore, this does not matter that much, because the Guardian now sucks and the Soulward does not need many souls. The new sidestep is nice, although it is only on initial attacks, but she has two of them which will mean 4" movement when done right, helping with her threat range.
Vivisection got replaced by Blood-Quenched, which is a change, getting the extra armor is nice when she is in the front lines, having to kill something for it is worse, lowering her damage output.
Carnage and the lash did not get changed. Savagery got reworded, so that it is slightly better. You can now use it on Ferox to first advance 16" and then jump 5. You can also use it on warcasters including herself. Defender's Ward is now always +2/+2 Arm/Def, this needs not explanation.

He got hit by the NERFbat to hard, poor Hexeris, in his current form he will not get much play time by anyone besides masochistic people. His feat which I never liked because it does not work on undead/constructs/warjacks, and models under it always missed for me. Now also the distance models move under it is reduced to 3". His weapon and his ability did not change.
His spells are the source of much lament. Deathbringer got replaced by a weak 4" AOE for the 4 fury cost. Death march expires after one model does the attack. Soul Slave did not change, although it never has been a very special spell. Spirit Leach also got unchanged, but is now kind of redundant with the new damage spell. Suffering lost the -2Thr effect, but this is not as bad as it seems, because most beasts lost one or two threshold. The changes to frenzy makes this spell a little worse, because it now hard to use it damage other players models.


Masters of the Benelux, best painted!

A full report will come later. In short; After a tournament in which I played really bad (and ended 29 of 56), I was surprised I had the best painted army!
My army which won the painting competition.

The price!

And now I have to run to our weekly gaming night to prepare for the next tournament (750, two casters, only beasts and jacks), of which I am not even sure I am going to.