Epic Morghoul vs Mohsar, 750pts Assassination

My second 750 pts battles. This time I played against one of the two local Circle players, he used Mohsar proxied by the druids solo. I was really tired and did not play sharp (again...)
He had: Mohsar, Woldwarden, Woldwierd, Woldwatcher, Warpwolf, full gators, min bogtrogs, two sets of stones, gobbers, min grinders.
I had: Epic Morghoul, 2x Cyclopse, 2x Krea, 2x Drake, full Ferox, 6x Karax, Soulwarden (proxied with Zaal), Guardian and full paingivers.
Getting paralatic field over the gatormen and spirit lock on the woldwarden, in turn one, with one krea.
Not losing anything to the side-charging bogtrogs and killing them shortly after.
Finally using morgs feat and killing the warpwolf and locking most down except...
.. Mohsar which first zapps morgs and then kills him with his ranged attack (needing 13+ to hit, I think I lost my lucky streak there ;))
Lessons learned:
Even mister awsomesauce morghoul should not be placed out in the open.
Do not give away stuff to early in the game only to dent something of him (e.g. the Ferox).
The Karax did well again in minimum format, I might use them more like this.
The armies line up for battle

Fighting starts at the left flank

All out engagement



Epic Morghoul vs Epic Kaya, 750pts Assassination

My first 750 points battle.
He had: Epic Kaya (with her puppy), Warpwolf, Warpwolf Alpha, Gorax, Argus, Druids with UA, Gobbers, 8 wolves with UA, 2x shifting stones and 2x guarding stone.
I had: Epic Morghoul, 2x Cyclopse, 2x Krea, 2x Drake, full Ferox, 6x Karax, Soulwarden (proxied with Zaal), Guardian and full paingivers.
I screwed up a lot of things, almost everything. Did not really get into the game and was to tired to play, but it was just fun to see what happens at 750 and try new stuff
His army cleared a path, Laris ran forward, Kaya ported in, started hacking and got morgs to 1hp! Lucky me, off course old chap could finnish her off next turn
Lessons learned:
Epic Morgs is kick ass, when you know what to do.
I also liked the soulward, but is fragile. I also like his little shooting-zap-thingy.
Karax did very well, even in the min formation. They can get shield wall to be though and charge and even do some damage.
Ready for battle


Fighting even more

And kaya screws up and gets beaten by epic morgs...


Hexeris vs Grissel, 500pts assassination

I finally got around posting up this BR of last Tuesday against my regular Trollblood opponent. It was his first time trying Grissel, so he didnt feel really used to her.
He had: Grissel, mauler, two units of champions, full kreilstone (proxied because he forgot them), chonicler, sage and a fellcaller.
I had: Hexeris, gladiator, savage, guardian (proxied because I forgot him), full kitties and 5 paingivers.
Presienced deathbringer hitting 9 of the ten champions with P+S 14 (on titan) killing one of the and softening them up more.
Most deathmarch kittie attacks missing.
The catapult putting some hurt on grissel in turn 1 for a lucky scatter.
Him using his feat to soon.
The third deathbringer of the game on the mauler killed her.
Lessons learned:
Hexeris' feat is annoying, I could not use it all game because for some reason I like activating him last (as opposed to e.g.: Makeda)
Trolls lined up

The battle lines meet

Fighting all over

"I bring you death!"