Epic Morghoul vs Epic Kaya, 750pts Assassination

My first 750 points battle.
He had: Epic Kaya (with her puppy), Warpwolf, Warpwolf Alpha, Gorax, Argus, Druids with UA, Gobbers, 8 wolves with UA, 2x shifting stones and 2x guarding stone.
I had: Epic Morghoul, 2x Cyclopse, 2x Krea, 2x Drake, full Ferox, 6x Karax, Soulwarden (proxied with Zaal), Guardian and full paingivers.
I screwed up a lot of things, almost everything. Did not really get into the game and was to tired to play, but it was just fun to see what happens at 750 and try new stuff
His army cleared a path, Laris ran forward, Kaya ported in, started hacking and got morgs to 1hp! Lucky me, off course old chap could finnish her off next turn
Lessons learned:
Epic Morgs is kick ass, when you know what to do.
I also liked the soulward, but is fragile. I also like his little shooting-zap-thingy.
Karax did very well, even in the min formation. They can get shield wall to be though and charge and even do some damage.
Ready for battle


Fighting even more

And kaya screws up and gets beaten by epic morgs...

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  1. Epic Morghoul is awesome. He probably will make Skorne a lot more popular. The Circle player must have been really sad to see eMorg left with 1hp. Lets just call it assassins luck....