Zaal vs Searyn 500pts, assassination

Friendly at my place
He had:
Searyn, Angel, Seraph, 4 Elk Knights, Forsaken, Gobbers and a single Shredder
I had: Zaal, Full swordsmen with UA, Full Cetrati, Krea, Savage, Guardian, Paingivers and Gobbers.
I did the lazer beam at a Searyn 19" away which was not hiding behind monsters.
Searyn got zapped.
Lessons learned:
It was funny to do once, but do not do this to often, it might lead to losing friends.

Legion Lining up

Skorne blocked up

Eat lazer beam, bitch!

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  1. Lol, you like that ehh?! I don't mind you doing this trick another time, but you know, there is a story about a donkey and a stone...