Zaal vs Kaya 500pts, assassination

Friendly at my place, the pictures did not end up that good this time...
He had: Kaya, Warpwolf, Gorax, Argus, Druids with UA, 2x shifting stones, 2x standing stone
I had: Zaal, Rhinodon, Krea, 8 Swordmen, 5 Paingivers, 4 Ferox and Guardian.
Rhinodon got killed easily by the Warpwolf, it got teleported back and the Argus then paralysed it, so it would do no harm on the frenzy it would get because of the Gorax animus on it.
The swordsmen holding one flank and most of his army and losing only half (not killing anything, but still)
(all using boosts from the Feat of Zaal)
The Krea put her animus on the standingstone next to Kaya, lowering her def.
Zaal did his AO spell on a druid in front of Kaya, damaging her, and clearing two Druids which were standing in the way.
The swordsmen charging on Kaya and doing a lot of damage.
One Ferox last-standing killed her, over his mates with reach and tall in the saddle.
Lessons learned:
I have played against this player against similar lists, so not much to learn about that.
It was not going that good for me, so I went all out, seeing what Zaal can do and I was surprised.
In the end all he lost was some manikins, two druids and Kaya.

Skorne ready to attack with the sun on their backs.

Half way through from Circle perspective

Kaya gets killed (the Ferox which did it, is already gone, Kaya is in combat with the two rear most swordsmen).

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