Makeda vs Kaya 500pts, assassination

My second game in the competition, against the till now unbeaten Circle player.
He had: Kaya, Warpwolf, Gorax, Argus, Druids with UA, 2x shifting stones, 2x standing stone
I had: Makeda, Krea, Drake, Guardian, full Cetrati, full Ferox, min Paingivers, Smokers.
For him, the Warpwolf teleporting into my lines and slaying 2 Cetrati and 2 Ferox, with only 2 fury spend. Which both came back because of my feat.
My plan working again. Although he left an opening for me, not very smart.
Carnage and the Krea's animus over Kaya, only a few strikes from the guardian were enough to kill her.
Lessons learned:
I worked, play aggressive and wait for the opportunity...
Ready for battle
The fight tickens
And Kaya eats the dust (he already stored his warpwolf)

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