Makeda vs Vayl 500pts, assassination

Today I played a bad game, for the competion, my first one. It was a replay against our local legion player of a battle we played about a month ago.
I had: Makeda, Drake, Krea, Cetrati full, Ferox full, 4 Paingivers, Guardian, Smokers.
He had: Vayl, Carnivian, Teraph, Seraph, 3 Shredders, min Swordsmen, Forsaken.
Keeping it out so long (mostly luck), destroying all of his beasts. The other highlights were for him, destroying the Ferox and both off my beasts in my feat turn.
I was much to careless with Makeda, no beasts and two hitpoints, but I just wanted to stay on the offence.
Lessons learned:
Stay focused young padawan!
Added images:

Prepare for battle!

Battle for the church, Makeda gambled the charge on the Carni

The end

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