Hexeris vs Kaya, 500pts assassination

Last week I played against my regular circle opponent and now I finaly have the time to post this.
He had: Kaya, Warpwolf, Gorax, Argus, druids with UA, his full complement of stones, gobbers
I had: Hexeris, Gladiator, Cyclopse, 6 Karax, 5 Arcuari, min paingivers and the catapult.
Deathbringering the argus and killing a lot of stuff. Also put the must make treshhold spell on the Argus that turn (which it sadly did not fail).
I over extended myself and got Kaya assassinated
Lessons learned:
Do not overextend yourself (and now write it down 100 times ;))
The Circle ready to fight!

Hexeris getting the crap beaten out of him.

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