We are skorne! Finally some painting done...

Because I have this deal with my girlfriend, I cannot buy anything new when the old stuff is not finished I had to finish these bastards. I really hate the gold edges of the armor, and I did speed paint these, but they are done!

And I also did my second Guardian, which I did repose a little bit. The third one will have its halberd posed in the other direction, so they will be in "at guard" position.

So now all I have to do is epic Morgs, before the order comes in ;) which is now probably at some airport...


  1. The karax look awesome!

  2. looks good for speed painting. The color scheme is perfect for these miniatures.

    btw: you do realize that you just told the world who wears the pants in your relationship :P (j/k)

  3. we already knew that! hehe ;-)

    nice job on the painting skills, I like!

  4. There are two kinds of relations you can have with a girl, one were she is wearing the pants, and you are honest about it, or one were she has the pants on and you lie about it and brag about that with your buddies. I prefer to be honest ;).

    And btw, this helps me getting my armies painted...