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Having a hard time getting to sleep, because of this stupid medical condition I have. I decided, I felt like starting a blog about my Skorne army for the Hordes game made by Privateer Press. My English might not be perfect, but that's because I am from a small country called The Netherlands.

Lets tell me what I want to do with this blog, first I want to keep track of stuff, so I can see what I have done. I want to make at least a small post for each battle I fight and miniature I paint.

To keep track of stuff, I will first have to descibe my starting point. I have started Skorne in september 2006, with just the battle box and an unit of Arcuarii. Have been gathering them for some time, lets describe my collection, starting with the warcasters.

Morghoul: He came in the battle box, so he has been painted now for aged, I play him from time to time, because I like him. Mostly his overall fast, but fragile feel. And two of his three spells are quite good (Unrelenting and Abuse) and his feat kicks ass vs beast heavy horde armies. I do not play him a lot, because he sucks versus Warmachine and he and his army has a hard time handling terrain.

Makeda: My favorite warcaster, painted and slightly converted because I hated the silly backbanner. I have played her a lot and I think at the moment she is the best allround warcaster the Skorne have for me (with Zaal probably comming second). Savagery is very good, getting shieldwall units to run and still get their shieldwall, or having a krea run 12" and make 5 boosted attacks if a drake is near, or just put it on ferox to get them to attack something within 18". Carnage is good because it really helps your troops hitting stuff. Defenders ward is good on about every unit (specially Cetrati, Karax and Ferox). He feet works against every opponent, cause it effects you own army. Her defensive stats and hitpoints are good enough and when needed she can dish out om serious damage in combat.

Hexeris: He was my second caster and also painted for a long time. Used to play him more often when I just started, be he became a bit boring. Deathmarch, deathdealer and vampiric reaving are great fun but he is just not for me. Also I think his feat is a bit weak or situational at best.

Xerxis: My first evolution mini, finished painted a few months ago. I just am not impressed about this guy, also happered by terrain, his move of 5, low fury and his medium base bugger me. His feat is stronger then a lot of people think, but hard to pull of propperly.

Zaal: Starting to like him, but still not painted (kovass done 3 months ago). He has a lot of potential, which I did not see in the only game I played with him 2 weeks ago. The only AG I have did not get killed, so no Kovass. I screwed multiple times, because I did not come prepared, but I hope to give my opponent(s) a harder time next time.

Titan gladiator: Came in the battle box, painted for a long time played with him a lot in the old days. Good in combat, bad in getting there. The chain attack is where he shines, his animus helped me from time to time. Replaced this guy with a cannoneer or rhinodon, because I like those better.

Titan cannonneer: Painted for about a year. Like his ranged attack and animus, can do some damage in combat. Allowed me to get some reach with my armies. He is not played a lot lately, because I like the mediums better.

Rhinodon: Have him since he was released, painted half a year ago. He is good in what he does, killing stuff. His animus works good on himself and he is faster and better versus infantry then the gladiator. Played him a bunch of times, but I have been playing mediums mostly lately.

Krea: Got one when released and painted up rather quickly, got another one, which I finished about 4 months ago. The star of the Skorne show, she kicks ass. Good annoyance factor (aura, field and ranged attack) and can dash a lot of damage with a Drake short by. Fielded one in my armies since I got one, sometimes even two.

Drake: Got one with my first krea and one with my second, got the first one painted up, the other one in base coat. A girls best frield and his spray is nice at P+S 14. Just nice to have around with all this infantry around.

Savage: Got two in my battle box, one has been painted for a long time, the other one got primed a month ago. He is fast, good animus, mat and P+S for a medium, but I prefer to leave the damage dealing to infantry and solo's and use beasts for utility. Getting a beast at the front is getting it killed fast and they are needed for fury.

Arcuarii: Got them with the battle box (box+one blister), all painted. They are way overpriced, but can be fun to play. Have not used them for a long time.

Cetrati: Have them for about a year, took me ages to get them painted. Auto include (do I need to say more) specially with Makeda.

Swordsmen: Got them when they were called Preatorians. Finnished painted them about a year ago. Cheap, give souls and can put up a fight. They can even put up a better fight after I got my UA. Have been using them a lot, since I do not have any Karrax.

Paingivers: Have them about two years now, painted them fast. I used them more in the past, when I tended to play more beast heavy. They are good at what they do.

Ferox: Have them about half a year, they are now my priority painting target. Played only 3 games with them and like them. They are the only Skorne which can navigate terrain and even enemy troups and never fall over. Not to mention their fast speed.

Ancestral Guardian: Have one since it was released, painted it up and have used it in about every battle since. He can go a lot faster then people expect and fully loaded he can dish out a lot of damage. The downside of using him, is that is a late bloomer, which hurts him in combat. He is really good, so good I want at least one more.

Orin Midwinter: Have him for a few months. Tried him out some times, but is hard to use, but I see his strenghts.

Smoke Gobbers: My first minions, painted 18 months ago. Their are good value for their 15 points, and I use them when I have points left, or need the smoke.

Catapult: Got them for my last birthday, are still in the blister, although I really want to try them.

Agonizer: Have him for a year now and painted him not long after I got the little fellow. He is strong vs hordes, but hard to get loaded when you play with a few medium beasts, I have not used him that much.

Feralgeist: Have him and painted for about 9 months. Very powerfull, but again only versus Hordes. Taking over beasts, or giving your beasts a last breath is really nice. Have been using him a lot in my hordes vs hordes games, and he is recommendable.

So this is my Skorne in short, now I am going to try to get some sleep again.

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