Zaal vs Terminus 500pts, assassination

Last game I played (before Xmas)
I had (not sure): Zaal, Cannoneer, Agonizer, Ferox(4), Smoke Gobbers, Preatorian (9)+UA, Guardian, Midwinter
He had (not sure): Terminus, Tartarus, Full Bane Knights, Ghost Knights, 2 Pistol Wraiths
Losing one Ferox to free strikes because some bane knights moved into combat after Midwinter fried 3 of them.
Trying to do the Last Stand/Ferox assassination and failing because I did not last stand on the kitty attacks, combined with bad rolls and losing on to free strikes.
Zaal holding out on his own and slaying most of the bane knights in combat in multiple turns.
Lost in the end for losing to much resources to the failed assassination and over stretching to do so (and not really having and idea how Zaal works).
Lessons learned:
Be careful with bane knights, they might ruin you plan by engaging the units you need and you kill some.
Know how your stuff works.

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