Why I am looking forward to the Void Spirit

First of all voidy looks cool, second he is al spirit, with incorporeal, terror and all. He can move through stuff/terrain and can take out nasty solo's and teleport away, or at least threaten these solo's and scare them away. The -2 ARM aura is a lot better then most people think. He does not need to get powered up like the AG and is more effective in tournament settings. And you can field two.
He also has nice synergies with all most all warcaster:
* With Morghoul he can finally make the assassination more viable, by reducing the opponents MAT by two, will give you a lot more potential damage.
* With Makeda, running 12" through models and attacking, that should take care of the annoying stuff like pipers, etc. And your own troops are not scared of them.
* With Hexeris, no something I can think up quickly.
* With Xerxis, he can get two attacks and an extra dice on the charge (on feat turn).
* With Zaal, he can be nasty under last stand.
* With eMorghoul, although I do not own him, he can be fun on the feat turn and helping big M with the assassination.

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