Makeda vs Baldur 500pts, assassination

And have a new camera, enjoy the picutes, I also added some pictures to older articles.
I had: Makeda, Drake, Krea, Cetrati full, Ferox full, 4 Paingivers, Guardian and Gobbers.
He had: Baldur, Warpwolf, Woldwarden, Woldfloatingthingy, Shifting Stones, Sentry Stone, Gobbers and Druids.
Screwing up my first attack, by not having cast carnage before attacking Baldur with some kitty, so they did the shocking number of 0 damage (lucky they were under my feat).
I got nicely through the Baldur feat turn.
His Warpwolf first getting shifting-teleported in front of the Woldwarden, which tried to throw him towards Makeda and came way short. He did not get knocked down because of the get not knocked down spell of Baldur.
I had Baldur in a tight corner, after killing all his beasts, he concided.
Lessons learned:
Play aggressive, always play aggressive.
Circle lined up

Skorne lined up

Moving closer

Attack under walking death

Warpwolf getting thrown

From another angle
The end

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