Fully painted! for blood in the snow

Hurray! The Ferox are done. I would like to show off the freehand on the banner and the complete painted unit, but still no camera-cable. I am planning on spending part of my 13th month on getting a Canon Powershot A1000 camera which is lot better then the old thing I have now and I will have a new cable ;)

So I am fully painted and ready for the Blood in the Snow tournament Sunday. Going with two palls. One playing Circle with most probable Kaya. The other with Cryx with his power Denega or something else, you never know. I got my cans of cheap-ass redbull like stuff, so I am all ready.

Edit got the new camera made a picture:

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  1. I'm jealous of your fully painted Ferox. I have to paint bloody Vengers, with all their freakin' detail.

    Good job, keep on blogging