Makeda vs Vayl 500pts, assassination

Today I played a good game, made some pictures but can not get them of the camera because I lost the cable.
I had: Makeda, Drake, Krea, Cetrati full, Ferox full, 4 Paingivers, Guardian, Smokers.
He had: Vayl, Carnivian, Teraph, Seraph, 3 Shredders, min Swordsmen, Forsaken.
Having my brick of Cetrati not lose a single model, not even in my feat turn.
Losing my krea to a frenzied Carnivian which she spirit locked herself (the Carnivian died next turn to a combined assault).
The Ferox jumping over the Cetrati and finishing of most of his already damaged army.
Losing all but one Paingiver in my feat turn to get three back to cage the Forsaken.
A last turn gamble assassination attempt from the Seraph and swordsmen, which almost killed Makeda after some good rolls.
The Ferox surrounded Vayl and the first one killed her (she lost some health because of getting fury when the carni was locked) after she had lost most of her army.
Lessons learned:
When this army works, it works. I only lost the Paingivers, Gobbers and the two warbeasts.
Be careful for last turn assassinations.
Added images:
Skorne lined up

Suicide shredder

Lining up

Vayls end

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