Ducosim XV. Makeda vs Goreshade 500pts, assassination

Third Ducosim XV game. Against Goreshade, the Bastard
He had: Goreshade, Nightmare, 2 chickens, full Bilethralls, full Bane Knights, Tartarus and Gorman.
I had: Makeda, Krea, Drake, Guardian, full Cetrati, full Ferox, min Paingivers, Smokers.
The Ferox finishing off his Bile thralls.
Cetrati and Guardian holding off the Knights.
Krea doing her thing, getting Goreshade at a few hits.
One of the Ferox finishing him off.
Lessons learned:
You can not shoot Goreshade when he has his spell up.
His army on the horizon

After the bile thralls get slaughtered

Eat spear!

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