Ducosim XV. Makeda vs Reznik 500pts, assassination

Last Ducosim XV game. Against Reznik, I have been told, the winner of the last Duco.
He had: Reznik, Devout, Blessing of Vengeance, Redeemer, Choir, Warjack solo, Warcaster attachment, Full Idrians with UA
I had: Makeda, Krea, Drake, Guardian, full Cetrati, full Ferox, min Paingivers, Smokers.
The Ferox finishing off the Idrians, losing two from the counter charge, but scaring of the last 3. Two Ferox got killed, but I got them back from my feat.
Killing two warjacks in a Cetrati Charge.
Failing the Krea assassination, leaving Reznik with one wound.
For him, getting another turn with one wound to finnish of both the Krea and the Drake.
Makeda killing of Reznik with her damage spell (talking about style)
Lessons learned:
Could have done that assassination better if I had activated in the right order and stayed clear in my head. But I had been playing the entire day.
Pictures:His army deployed

Blessing vs Ferox



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