On my workbench

Since I have not posted for a while because I dont get to play that much because I am tiered and easily annoyed because of this medical condition, here tada: on my workbench.

The box of Karax I bought cheap(ish), thanks to the new gameshop in Rotterdam!

The catapult I got for my birthday (thanks guys!), the guardian I won in the tourney 2 months ago (and finaly got in last Friday and reposed today) and the epic Morghoul I won for best painted, on a new "epic" base.

The soultokens I also got for best painted.


  1. I really like the catapult miniatures. It's a pity that it doesn't get fielded that often.

    What new shop are you talking about?

  2. http://www.avsgameshop.com/ in Rotterdam South, near the Maastunnel. Is has been a webstore for a while.