Morghoul vs Kromac, 500pts Assassination

500 points friendly against my regular Circle enemy and one of my old-time friends. I have played Makeda vs Kaya against him a dozen of times. But now for something completely different...
He had: Kromac, Warpwolf Alpha, Gorax, Ravagers (4) + Shaman, Whitemane, 2 Sentry stones and 2 Shifting stones
I had: Morghoul, 2 Krea's, 2 Drakes, 2 Savages and full unit of Paingivers
Controlling the Warpwolf one turn by putting everything from a Drake and Krea on it.
Killing a Ravager ad the Shaman with a blast from a Drake with Prescience
The paingivers doing 2 enrages and killing some stumpies on turn and doing two heals and killing two stumpies the next.
For him, damaging most warbeasts bady and killing some, a lot would have died the next turn.
He left Kromac to close to a Krea and Drake. Spray, Abuse, Paralatic Field and two attacks later mr Kromac was death
Lessons learned:
Morghoul can be powerful... if you meet the right enemy.
Morghoul, Drake, Krea and Savage play well together.
Circle ready to do battle

Be scared I have frogs!

About half way

Psycho frog eats ugly beastman!


  1. Nice battle report, really cool to see so many painted miniatures on the battlefield. Was kromac in beast or human form when he died?

  2. ahh... its the beastform. Should have looked better at the last picture