Xerxis vs Thargosh, 500pts assassination

Friendly game versus my local friendly legion player, Xerxis to play with some of my rarely used minies.
He had: Thargosh, Carni, Seraph, 2x Shredder, Warmongers (4), 2 Shepherds, Gobbers and a Chieftain.
I had: Xerxis, Cannoneer, 5 Arcuarii, 6 Cetrati, 2 Guardians and 6 Swordsmen
Killing some warmongers and the Chief on my feat charge with the Cetrati.
For him, relativily easy killing a lot of my medium based infantry.
Thargosh getting damaged by a warmonger with a beserk attack.

He left all his beasts full of fury, and the guardian could kill thargosh .
Lessons learned:
Deathshroud is a strong signature spell.
Cataphracts are less though without Makeda.

His army

My army

Half way the battle

The end

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