Makeda and Morghoul vs Mohsar and Epic Kaya, 1000pts Assassination

My first 1000 points ever, played it a little while ago, but forgot to post the battle report, I will try to do it a little bit different this time, let me know which approach you like better.

Circle deployment
From left to right: Pendrake, minimal wolves with attachment, war wolf, gnarlhorn, gorax, shadowhorn, epic Kaya, warpwolf, blackclad, woldwarden, woldwatcher, Laris, druids with overseer and Mohsar (proxied by a blackclad).

The Skorne Army
From back to front (my left to my right): Full unit of ferox, full cetrati with behind them drake, krea, Makeda, savage. A guardian, agonizer, Midwinter, Morghoul, full swordmen, with behind them savage, krea, drake, and ending my line an other guardian. Behind everthing a full unit of paingivers.

The beginning of the battle
Both armies consolidated their left fanks and advanced their right flank cautious, using the cover of smoke or forest.

The battle commences
The ferox take the forest, jumping straight into it. The right flank is locked, so the beasts on that flank sprint over to the action. The center moves in, defensively, on the ready horde of huge beasts.

In the heat of the battle
The fight now breaks out. The swordsmen waiting for their chance, sprint out of the cloud cover into the druids, with magical speed. The warpwolf, which got teleported into the line, slaying skorne, gets put down by the combined effort of the Cetrati, some beasts and an Ancestral Guardian. At the left the Ferox kill most of the the wolves of orboros and Laris and Kaya rush to the battle here, killing some of the Ferox. Skorne beasts rush in and kill her in return.

Nearing the end
From here circle is fighting a losing battle. After a little Mohsar decides surrendering is his best option.

Final thoughts
It was a fun battle, which I really enjoyed. I can not really remember most of the details, but two warcasters give you so much more options. It also is kind of hard to get your fury good with two casters.


  1. But... he used a Gorax! How could you lose!

  2. I like the report, short and precise.
    What are you using as game surface? Looks good.