Xerxis vs Borka, 500pts Assassination

Played our local Trollblood player, he used the list he took to a tournament a few days after which he won. This report is also on his blog (http://trollbloodsmarch.blogspot.com), so I won't go to deep into it. We took the pictures together with his camera. He had: Borka with Keggy, Mauler, Impaler, Champions, min Stonescribes, Fell Caller, Pendrake and Gndrun
I had: Xerxis, Cannoneer, min Karax, min Ferox, max Swordsmen with UA, Guardian and Midwinter
The Karax with a Cannonneer behind them are (almost) as though as Champions.
The Guardian never fails to shine.
The Ferox going around to attack the Impaler and hurt him only for 2 damage.
Outcome: He tossed Borka behind my lines, but Xerxis was waiting inside a ... waiting for him with two fury. Borka dented Xerxis a bit and the Guardian kill Borka before I could activate Xerxis. Lessons learned:
Xerxis is a though nut to crack, with his defenise troll like stats, starting to like mr X.
Drunk Trollbloods

Sober Skorne

I need some ale!

And another one bites the dust.

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