Makeda vs Grim Angus, 500pts Assassination

Played against the local trollblood player again, because other people prefered painting *sigh*. Well at least I had a chance to try my new toys before I head for France for a month (yeah baby!).
The underground is the mat-o-war thingy one of our group members bought, airbrushed on by another member. It looks better on the pictures then in real, trust me ;)
He had: Grim Angus, 2 Impalers, Champions, 5 krielstone dudes, 3 riders and Gudrun.
I had: Makeda, Karn, min Venators, min Immortals, 8 Swordsmen, Guardian, Void Spirit, and smoke Gobbers.
The start of the game
I deployed first bricking up in the center, no idea why I did this, but it did not work out to bad. He deployed his Champions and stonescribes at my left, his riders at the right and Angus with the with the Impalers in the center. His Gundrun deployed behind the building.

Gundrun ran into combat and got himself killed, twice. The venators went left to threathen the Riders which went all the way over the flank, having a hard time doing something because of the sucky range.
The Champions, Immortals and Preatorians got stuck into a combat which got decided when the Guardian and Karn joined in.
Grim and the impalers shot some random people including the extoller. The Voidspirit got himself killed by the krielstone dudes.

The end of the game
Grim walked to close to get a pot shot on Makeda, which missed because she had cover, and Molik Karn walked to him and sliced him in small beefy parts of Angus.

Lessons learned
The Immortals are cool under Carnage with a loaded Guardian near.
Karn is the bad-ass new kid in the block.
Venators, I am not sure about, did not do that much.
The soulward is only the cheese master, when combined with the stuff he needs.
The voidspirit was wasted a bit versus this specific list, but might be a nice tool to play with.
I like Makeda ;)

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