Packing mistake :s

Today the last of my Maelstrom order came in. Rorsh & Brine. I thought, till I opened the box and looked inside: (disclaimer: all pictures in the post are made with my blurry phone camera)

You can clearly see Wrong Eye in the bottom most shot in the big compartment of the package. And it is complete (both the gator and the gatormen), even the cards! But I want to try Rorsh&Brine with Morghoul, not these two swamp dwellers. The ironic thing is that it is packed with the right bases for the gators.

I was also not very pleased with how the package came in, it was taped badly and there was no padding inside (-1 for Maelstrom)


  1. Well I will not be buying from those folks. That package looks beat to hell and back.

  2. PP did mention about the mispack.

    But this is clearly something else! Maybe you should mention it at frontdesk@privateerpress.com

    Sorry to see that your package arrived like this..
    they could easily add some padding. Usually no complaints with Maelstrom Games

  3. with some luck you just recieved a free snapjaw!

    and indeed: -1 maelstrom for packaging

  4. Destiny clearly wants you to give your enemies some bad mojo...