Back from la France

I am back from my very good and very long vacation in the sunny France with my girlfriend (yes guys, girls are more fun then lead miniatures ;)). I spend most of the time sightseeing, at the pool or doing nothing at all ;)

Now I am back in the Netherlands, there is a lot of the stuff with was far away when I left, is now close by. We have our quarterly local 20ish player tournament in 3 weeks and I haven't prepared in any way. The Masters of the Benelux is further away, but also needs a lot more preparation, because I just want to finish in a good position for that one. I am also looking forward to our weekly gaming nights.

I also got an email from my work that a package for me arrived, which I guess are my
Rorsh and Brine.

Had a lot of fun on the vacation, but good to be back!


  1. You are such a liar, girls aren't any where near as fun as minis

  2. Is she reading your blog? Welcome back.