Morghoul vs Kraye, 500pts Assassination

My first battle after my vacation. I wanted to try my new minions, so sorry for the headless horde. (and this was the test for my vs Hordes list for the next tourney, I did not take my vs WM list, because my opponent did not feel playing vs the Kitties)
He had: Kraye, Ol' Rowdy, Black 13th, min Trenchers, Aiyana & Holt, GMCA, Journeyman, Squire
I had: Morghoul, Cannoneer, Void Spirit, Soulward, Midwinter, Agonizer, Smoke gobbers, Rorsh&Brine and Wrong Eye&Snapjaw
Him missing his earthquake attack off old Rowdy. ;)
Totaling it the turn after, with Brine, Snapjaw and Wrongeye.
I finally got voidy to work, a little bit, he killed one trencher.
Cannoneer with ghost sight is powerfull.
For him, killing the cannoneer with harm and shooting attacks
We had to end the game early because of time constraints, I won by a few VPs (7 vs 5 or something)
Lessons learned:
Putting abuse on minion beasts is fun, otherwise morgs vs Warmachine is silly.
Old Rowdy is dangerous.
Submerge is the bomb.
Afterwards: Brine can charge into the forest if he wants.
The unpainted army of Cygnar

Skorne with the headless minions

Bricking up

Near the end

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