Trying the lessers again: Morghoul vs Mardrak, 500pts Assassination

Played against our friendly (and lucky) local Trollbood player again in a battlebox caster battle.
He had: Mardrak, Mauler, Champions, min Longriders, Full Krielstone with UA, Fellcaller and Alten Ashley
I had: Morghoul, Cannoneer, Void Spirit, Soulward, Midwinter, Agonizer, Smoke gobbers, Rorsh&Brine and Wrong Eye&Snapjaw
Two champions charging through my lines and getting morgs to 5 hps (auch!)
Alten not hitting anything because Snapjaw was submerged, Brine behind a wall or in combat and the Cannoneer behind smoke.
In the turn he tought everything was over, he made two tough rolls (bummer). Mardrak killed the Cannoneer which tried to kill him and in my next control the frenzied Brine kills Morghoul in his back (auch).
Lessons learned:
I really have to study the Agonizer, I feel his power, but it hard to use the right one at the right moment.
Do not forget your feat.
Torment always misses when you need it.
Block your warlock
Orin can not handle 3 longriders by himself.
Trolls for peace!

See, see, I did some painting

It's hip to be square

Sadly no end of the game picture this report

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  1. Your new warbeasts and lesser caster are coming along nicely, good work!