Ranting about more gold lines. And Wrong Eye & Snapjaw painted!

I have painted on my Skorne stuff for the first time in 3 weeks, after finishing Rorsh&Brine and WrongEye&Snappy. And I have to admit, I hate my colour scheme, not how it looks, but way it has to be painted. Arg! The boltgun metal is ok, just boring. But the gold edges and black-lining them is not painting but just paining. Am I glad I am getting close to getting Skorne complete so I can think about another faction or doing some more minions (and with washes this time).

Just had to blow of some steam. For the people who got all this way, a little reward ;). A picture of my painted Wrong Eye & Snapjaw.

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  1. That's a pair of nasty looking fellars, nice job. Gives me the urge to order them myself.