The revenge of catzilla

Today I came home from work and the cat was nowhere, no problem, because he likes to hang out in his own room when no one is home. But after a few hours of no cat I was getting worried. He is my little buddy, so I went up to look for him, but he was not is his room. When I left the room I heard a little meow form the attic, my wargaming attic! So I sprinted up, released him from his prison and assessed the damage. He walked along my mini's standing around a little, tip over a lot of them, but one broke the back banner and threw one of my arcuari of the cabinet it was standing on, it landed on the floor 90cm below in 7 parts!

(click for a bigger version)

All kinds of memories came back, like when I got the arcuari they were the only Skorne infantry released (maybe the preats were also released, not sure). How much of a pain they were to put the flags on and paint, how much I liked them with Hexeris and deathmarch and how quickly I docked them when I got my unit of cetrati. I really hope they get a little cheaper in mkII.

And yes, the cat came out unharmed, slightly upset, he didnt even make a mess somewhere. He tends to get himself into trouble all the time. He got in yesterday like 20 times while I was doing my adminstration, which I also keep in that room, on the floor and walked over it all night. He left only 19 times. And now he is purring on my lap (and laptop) while I am trying to post this.


  1. Casper you naughty cat! Why did you destroy the arcuari?? You should have went for the Ferox or something like that! ;-)

  2. As a Skorne the appropriate action is torture!