Slacking, yes I have been slacking

I don't know why (maybe it's mkII coming?), but have been slacking with the battle reports the last few weeks. So now is time to catch up.

The first game was a 750 against epic Magnus I played with my epic Morghoul list, with which I have been playing for weeks now to get ready for the Masters of the Belenux. We ran out of time, but I had killed a lot more then he had and I had not used my feat and everything was lined up for the assassination my next turn. So a solid win for me. Man, I like bloodrunners. (I forgot my drake & krea, so I had to proxy them with khador stuff)

The second game was a 350 lunch break game at the office against my co-worker Deacis. He had Lilith, I had Makeda. He screwed up his charges, but I over extended, used to much fury and got killed the turn after slaying two of his beasts.

Then I played against epic Kaya with a "fluffy" list with my 750 epic Morghoul list. I misjudged the charge range to Kaya, so screwed up my feat assassination turn, but I still managed to kill all his beasts. Morghoul got killed the turn after, because I had already given away to much in the rounds before.

Last tuesday I played my 500pts Masters of the Benelux Makeda list against a Borka-toss brick style list. My pincer was working nicely and he got frustrated and threw Borka behind my lines just for fun. Borka got killed by Makeda after being chewed on by a Krea.

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