How do I look at my stuff right now? (part 1 warcasters).

Also using this little serie of post to put my own thoughts in order. I only have about 7 games in on mk2, but this is my feeling about the warcasters.

I see both morghouls are a bit bland. They still have a nice bunch of abilities, but still feel a bit boring compared to what other factions have. I have the feeling they can be fun and powerful when you get the grips of their tricks (especially the assassination runs, normal morgs no overloading powerfields/transfers, epic blinding and slaying.
Normal makeda falls in the same category, she used to be one of my favorites in mk1 and she has hardly changed, I somehow lost the affection I once had for her. This might be caused by the nerf bat hitting on the stuff I liked to play with her (guardians, krea's and ferox). Although when you play her now, she feels the same, which I think I will like in the long run.
Epic makeda, never played her in mk1, I really like that they did something to make her (feat) a lot more different from the non epic version.
Hexeris, well, hard to say without trying, a lot has changed, I do still dislike the feat, but like his new spells.
Xerxis is the bad ass beatstick in the Skorne neighbourhood. I like the tweaks to his feat, his spells, the fact he got some of the tyrant abilities (he is a tyrant after all). Played a few games with him and he feels like I think he should have been when he was launched (did not really like him in mk1).
Zaal, on paper, looks like he lost it. AG's nerved, spells nerved, but I am still neutral about him, maybe because I love his fluff, or maybe it is not all as bad as it seems.
Mordikaar: I think (for now) he is the best skorne has to offer, although his feat has disappointed me in the few games I played with him. Very good spells.

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