How do I look at my stuff right now? (part 2 big beasts).

Part two of this little set of posts, I hope you like these brain dumps.

Gladiator, yes! Finally a reason to get this beasty out of the cabinet and into action. His stats are fine for his price, his animus is very nice to get this 2" more or pathfinder. I even have used rush (one from the gladiator, two from the warcaster) on arcuarii to get them into combat though terrrain. And then there is the elephant brawler look on him.
Cannoneer, my staple warbeast for mark 1, still very nice in mark 2, especially when helped by Rush. Still good in combat because of his head attack. His animus got a little bit weakish.
Karn, hardly played in mk1, still waiting for paint. All I can see for now is that I find the 11 points a bit steep when we get a good combat beast for 8 points.
Bronzeback, I dont own one, looks like has an unit of infantry for dinner and then a warcaster as desert.
Rhinodon, have to think about him more, for now I think about him as the weaker version of the gladiator with a weaker animus.

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