How do I look at my stuff right now? (part 4 units).

Loved and hated, without further introduction, the Skorne infantry!

Arcuarii, nice unit for its cost. Plays well with a lot of our casters Mordikaar for the boosted attacks, makeda for the 5" extra move, Xerxis for the 5d6 charge, etc. Less fragile because of the 8 hitpoints they now have and the drag can be really helpful from time to time.
Cetrati, hard hard unit to kill, but look at the cost! In mark 2 they also hit harder.
Karax, see my previous post.
Swordsmen, good for their cheap points, with added UA their are a lot of plinging katana's coming your way!
Paingivers, a little bit nerved, but still healing beasts and managing fury is very nice, not to forgot the added strenght?
Out little construct unit, the immortals, I love them, I do like vengeance a lot is really, P+S is a sweet spot, they move a little slow, but a very good second wave, for the moment your opponent has lost the ability to wipe units in one turn. Filling mine up to 10 is high on my wish list.
Ferox, sounds like a glass cannon to me. Fast, very fast with makeda, but fragile and not hitting very hard. I have not tried them, being restrained by the massive point cost.
Bloodrunners, cleaning up your single wound infantry since 2009.
Venators, paying a lot of points for some weak attacks, might be dangerous in the wrong (or right) hands. Didn't get them working in mk1, might give them a serious try with mk2 soon.
The catapult, has a hard time hitting stuff, good to clean up massed enemy infantry if you're lucky.

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