How do I look at my stuff right now? (part 5 solos)

To weak to be a warcaster or real beast, to egocentric to be in an unit, most of them just plain wierd, the Skorne solos!

Ancestral Guardian, our primal solo and the only which I own a pair, got nerved hard in the fieldtest. He was very good in mark 1, but is he still worth his 3 points compared to the other solo's, which are all 2 points. Having a mat 8 model which is able to boost to hit is nice and he still is hard to kill, but that is about all.
Void Spirit, like him, the eruption of ash is so cool. Of course auto include with Mordikaar.
Soulward, still very nice, the boostable zap can be useful, but needing souls to get eyeless sight is sometimes annoying, you'll have to wait till your opponent gets around to kill something.
Master Tormentor. She brings the pain, the mat boost for the bloodrunners is very welcome.
The Agonizer is something I never got working in the previous mark, he didn't change that much, maybe time to get to know this little bugger better.

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