How do I look at my stuff right now? (part 6 minions)

Fighting for coin or just to stay alive, all the minions (and merc) I own for my Skorne army.

Swamp gobbers, the only one point option in our army list, with the new rules unable to hide behind their own cloud, which lost the -2 Mat. Still useful to keep your stuff hidden for one more round.
Orin Midwinter, not very much changed, to antimagic aura is very nice, but I usually end up to low on points to include fun solo's like him.
The Feralgeist has been unnerfed and nerfed at the same time. You will get an activation, but he will only go into enemy beasts. Only the though of having him in something like Typhon will make you very happy.
Wrong eye and Snapjaw are a fun team, the influence on wrong eye is very nice, gives him something to spend his fury on, as long as it does not have to much defense. Snapjaw's animus is a classic. Abuse not working on them anymore is a loss to me. Have to try them out to see how I really think about them.
Rorsh & Brine, or smart pig and monster pig, what else do you want? The diversionary tactics is still there and Brine got two extra attacks, not finally his animus has a use. Painresponse got a little bit worse, same goes for pigheaded. Have to try them out to see how I really think about them.

These are all the minions I have, but more might come in the near future, especially if you can make gator and farrow armies then.

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  1. The Feralgeist was reverted to MK I behaviour. It's any beast, no activation that turn. It's also 1 point now.

    It's still an iffy model in my opinion. All it's likely to do is force the opponent to direct one extra attack at something.